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8-In-1 Ultrasound Cavitation Body Slimming Massager EMS Fat Burner RF Infrared Therapy Facial Lifting Beauty Machine

Specification Item Type:8-IN-1 Slimming Beautify Device Color:Gradient Grey Input Power: AC100-240V Output Power: 15V, 500mA Frequency: 1MHz Weight: 190g Size:17.5*7*8cm/6.9*2.8*3.1in Product Include 1*Main Machine 1*Electrode Conductor 2 pairs* Electrode Contact Pad 1*Eye Patch 1*Adaptor 1*Manual 1*Box Feature 1.8 in 1 Care, 7 Major Advantages. As much as 7 advanced technologies are integrated to effectively slim & beautify yourself. They include: (1)High-frequency Vibration. Like strenuous exercise, it promotes intense movement of the firm fat tissue to shake & soften them. (2)Radio frequency. It can penetrate fat tissue and produce a high heat within, triggering a “burning” state. (3)Ultrasonic Wave. Through a resonating effect, it effectively disintegrate, liquefy and finally excrete fat tissues. (4)Anions. It uproots the positively charged dirts (grease, dust, cosmetics residue) on face, making it 100% clean. (5)Infrared Ray. This “light of life” can adds energy to cells, causing them to healthily reconstruct and generate collagen, thus repairing skin. (6)EMS Micorcurrent. By stimulating muscle to contract & relax repeatedly, it simulates massage to significantly firm skin.(Massage, tapping, knead, scrapping, slimming) (7)LED Lights of 6 Colors. Up to 6 LED lights are used to enhance the vitality of skin cells and tissues, 360°improving your beauty, leaving no dead corner. 2.Additional Co-mode. Some of the modes are specially combined for you to enjoy doubled beauty effect & improved operation efficiency. You’re sure to find new effects in these 6 combinations. 3.100% User-friendly. To enhance your using experience, we equip the product with an enlarged massage probe, a high-definition screen, a ergonomic handle, and electroplate it with gradient color-now it’s time to enjoy. Operation How to Use EMS Mode 1.Clean skin. 2.Connect 2 contact pads with the conductor. 3.Connect the conductor with the machine. 4.Stick the pads on skin. 5.Press power key to turn on machine. 6.Press mode key to switch to EMS mode. 7.Push the toggle to choose a massage mode. 8.Selectively adjust massage intensity with “+” and “-“. 9.Enjoy the massage. How to Use Other Modes 1.Clean skin. 2.Apply skin care product to keep it moist. 3.Connect the machine with a power supply. 4.Press mode key to select a mode. 5.Selectively press “+” and “-” to adjust intensity/light color (not for vibra, infrared and ions modes). 6.Apply the probe on skin to enjoy. Caution 1.People with the following conditions are prohibited to use this product: (1)Patient with malignant tumor; (2)Woman during her pregnancy or period; (3)Patients with dermatosis; (4)Urgent patient with unidentified diseases; (5)Children and the elders. 2.Keep the product out of reach of children. 3.The product is intended for home use and cosmetic purpose only. Using it for treating any medical condition or illness is not supported by the manufacturer. 4.To prevent possible burning or shortening the life of the product due to overheating, be sure to turn off its power and unplug the adapter when you stop caring for your skin. The ideal using time is 10 minutes each time. 5.Always keep the massage probe in full contact with skin when using it. Incomplete contact can reduce the effect and even cause skin discomfort or risk of burns due to overheating. 6.Avoid using the product for too long on the same part of the body.


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