V7 Deep Hydration Creams


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V7 Deep Hydration Creams, Natural Young Skin Water Light, Korean Moisturizing Tone Up Cream

Features: Moisturizing and Toning Cream Zhiduo Natural Cream Young Skin Water Light deeply hydrates the skin, keeping it moisturized and soft. Provides instant coverage for beautiful, natural-looking skin. Deep Hydration Moisturizing Toning Cream V7 Deep Hydration Cream provides deep hydration and relief for skin Hydrating and Toning Cream: Hydrating and Toning Light Cream provides deep hydration, relief from dryness and repair for skin. V7 Cream Korean Moisturizing and Toning Cream FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Moisturizing Toning Cream is gentle and caring for the skin. It is gentle on all skin types. It is suitable for all day use. Moisturizing cream for women Non-greasy V7 Deep Hydration is a light, non-greasy formula that penetrates quickly into the skin and is suitable for all-day use. Deeply Hydrating V7 Deep Hydration Waterlight Makeup Cream deeply moisturizes, relieves dryness and repairs the skin. Moisturizing and naturally beautiful, it provides a natural nude look. Gives you a youthful complexion. Specifications: Shelf life: 3 years; Specification: 40g; Package included: 1 pc Natural Cream Young Skin Water Light


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