Portable Foot Spa


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110V‑220V Ionic Foot Bath Machine Portable Foot Spa Cleanse Machine Detox Health Care

Specification: Item Type: Foot Bath Device Input Voltage: 110V‑220V Output Voltage: 7.5‑12V Working Current: 1.0‑2.5A Product Power: 36W Instructions: 1. Add 20‑30 cm high water in the empty basin (generally tap water is sufficient) 2. Put the salt into the water and mix well 3. Connect the power supply 4. Put the ion head into the water 5. Put your feet into the water In the water 6. Press the start button on the host to start enjoying your comfortable life (the pointer is on in a clockwise direction, and each light will be on for 5 minutes. When the 6 indicator lights are on, it will be on for about 3 seconds, and you are done work for 30 minutes at a time) Package List: 1 x Host 1 x Adapter 1 x USBCable 1 x Ion Head 1 x Salt Spoon 1 x Manual Note: Please note that this model will change color even if you don’t put foot water.


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