Telescopic Rod Pole/6BB Spinning Reel Sea

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Fishing Rod Reel Combos Telescopic Rod Pole with 6BB Spinning Reel Sea Saltwater Freshwater Kits
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Package List: 1 * Fishing Rod 1 * Fishing Reel 1 * 500M Fishing Line 1 * Fishing Float 1 * Fishing Bell 3 * Paddle Tail Swimbaits 5 * Fishing Swivels 5 * Fishing Line Sinker Slides 5 * Fishing Bobber Stopper 1 * Box Fishing Hooks Fishing Rod: 1.8m: Opened length: 1.8m/5.9ft, Closed length: 54.5cm/21.5in. Weight: 146.5g/5.2oz.Max Power:4.5Kg/9.9LB 2.1m: Opened length: 2.1m/6.88ft, Closed length: 54.5cm/21.5in, Weight: 154g/5.4oz.Max Power:4.5Kg/9.9LB 2.4m: Opened length: 2.4m/7.87ft, Closed length: 55.5cm/21.8in, Weight: 198g/6.98oz.Max Power:5.5Kg/12.12LB 2.7m: Opened length: 2.7m/8.58ft, Closed length: 55.7cm/21.9in, Weight: 202g/7.0oz.Max Power:5.5Kg/12.12LB 3.0m: Opened length: 3.0m/9.8ft, Closed length: 56cm/22in, Weight: 270g/9.5oz.Max Power:6.5Kg/14.33LB 3.3m: Opened length: 3.3m/10.8ft, Closed length: 57cm/22.4in, Weight: 277g/9.8oz.Max Power:6.5Kg/14.33LB Fishing Reel: Ball Bearings :6BB ; Gear ratio :5.2:1 1000: Weight: 200g/7.0oz, Line Capacity: (mm/m): 0.20/310, 0.25/200, 0.30/140,Line capacity (lbs/yds):6/340, 8/220, 10/150, 2000: Weight: 205g/7.2oz, Line Capacity: (mm/m): 0.20/390, 0.25/250, 0.30/170,Line capacity (lbs/yds):6/420, 8/27,10/185, 3000: Weight: 220g/7.7oz, Line Capacity: (mm/m): 0.30/250, 0.35/200, 0.40/110,Line capacity (lbs/yds):8/270, 10/185, 12/120, 4000: Weight: 230g/8.0oz, Line Capacity: (mm/m): 0.35/180, 0.40/140, 0.45/110,Line capacity (lbs/yds):10/120, 12/145, 15/115.


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