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1000M Gold Metal Detector Metal Detector Dual Probe Gold Detector Hand Antenna

Product Description Specification: Maximum detection depth: 20 meters Search range: 1000 meters Power: 12V 1000 ~ 1600 mAh Transmission frequency: 5.6-6 kHz Signal frequency: 360-440Hz Identification type: gold, silver, copper, diam Alarm mode: The “drop-and-drop” ringing of a bell Weight: 2.9 kg Delivery content: 1 x metal detector 1 x antenna 1 x transmitter 1 x power supply 1 x packing box 1 x user manual Feature: 1. All plastic production (the main machine and controller and charger and plastic carton packing). Strong plastic outer carton, impact resistance, pressure resistance, drop resistance, etc. Packing box is waterproof. 2. The instruments are light and easy to carry. 3. Positioning scan with two probes. Direct search for more distant target signals. 4. Improved receiving antenna, support in finding more distant target signals. Using the transmitter: 1. Power Switch – This is the power switch. (When the instrument is not in use, the switch should not be on.) 2. Select the metal to be tested according to the metal to be tested: gold, silver, copper, diam. Note: You cannot select two metals at the same time. Otherwise, the instrument will be damaged. Use of the host: Just turn on the power switch. It can be detected using the originally selected metal species above the emitter. Operation method: Since the handle of the instrument can rotate freely, the wind can disturb the metal detector. Therefore, the use of this instrument in winds is subject to certain disturbances. The use of this instrument is highly dependent on the operator’s control of the scan. Stand on the floor in a comfortable position, hold the instrument in one hand, and keep your elbows close to your sides. Note: You must have this instrument in front of your body so that the receiving antenna has enough space to trigger the antenna and tilt it slightly down from the horizontal line. This angle is between 7 degrees and 10 degrees. 1. Hold the instrument as described above and very slowly scan in an arc while turning. At this point, the taster’s elbow should always be pressed firmly against both sides of the body, and it would be possible to rotate it from 40 degrees to 60 degrees. Note: The Explorer must rotate slowly and keep the body still. 2, regulate your scanning action. First, let the receiving antenna stretch out correctly. Position the receiving antenna directly in front of you at a 90-degree angle to your body, and do not deflect it to the left or right. 3. If the antenna is pointed at the target, the instrument will lock into place even though you continue to feel over the target. If you believe this lock is valid, remember this direction. Then move the instrument left or right about 10 meters and repeat the process of locking the target. Note the locking direction at this time. The intersection of the two directions is the buried position of the target. 4. If you feel that there is a certain offset at the point you just measured, you can lock it from another angle. If the destination is within approx. 10 meters, slowly and steadily follow one of the defined routes. When you pass the target, and it is directly above it, the instrument’s antenna will swing on either side. At this point, the measured position is very accurate. Precautions: 1. Due to magnetic storms and sunlight, the instrument must be used for a period of time before it can be used normally. During this time, the receiver will continue to receive signals, but the instrument will not respond. This situation is beyond the control of the ravens. It takes time to adjust. 2, The instrument is more suitable for field operations, detection in urban areas prone to interference, especially radio waves, so before you use the instrument to turn off the phone.


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