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Dior Sauvage Edt 100 Ml Men’s Perfume
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Dior Sauvage Edt 100 Ml Men’s Perfume stands out as a strong perfume blended with spice, floral and woody scents emphasizing masculinity. World-renowned perfumer François Demachy, creator of the perfume, said: “Sauvage was first a rough, rough stone. I almost shaped it with a chisel.” says. Dior Sauvage Edt, a fragrance equipped with strong and masculine features, appeals to men who do not know time and fashion. The special design bottle also creates the appeal. This perfume bottle of Dior, the brand of luxury, has an appearance with its rounded lines. The CD emblem is located at the bottom of the bottle. It has a magnetic cover feature. If you are looking for a masculine, strong and impressive perfume, Dior Sauvage Edt 100 ml Men’s Perfume is just for you. Fragrance Features of Dior Sauvage Men’s Perfume The fact that the advertisement face of the perfume is the famous movie star Johnny Depp emphasizes that it is a masculine perfume in the best way. If you want to be effective on women with a masculine scent, you can choose Dior Sauvage. The top notes of the fragrance, which is in the aromatic fujer group, include black pepper and bergamot. In the middle notes, aromas of geranium, lavender, sichuan pepper, elemi resin, pink pepper, vetiver and patchouli are felt. The base notes of the perfume include cedar wood, labdanum, ambroxan and musk. Citrus, masculine flowers and woody notes give it a provocative appeal. Structural Properties of Perfume Christian Dior Sauvage Edt 100 Ml Men’s Perfume carries the intensity of oak moss and tree resin aromas. It attracts attention as a simple and uncomplicated fragrance that follows in harmony from start to finish. It contains features that are lively, refreshing and make you feel full of energy. It offers a unity with citrus notes, algae scents, sweet, soapy and woody aromas. It does not show big changes from top notes to bottom notes.


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