Eye Mask Gold


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60pcs Eye Mask Gold Moisturizing Seaweed Eye Patche Crystal Collagen Anti-Wrinkle Anti Aging Remove Dark Circles Eyes Care TSLM1

Description: Hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, Fucus extract, 24k gold North American witch hazel,Seaweed extract Product efficacy: Enriched with sorts of extracts, it provides intensive hydration to your eyes and diminishes the signs of aging. It makes your eyes firmer, smoother and regenerated. The eye mask will become thinner and thinner with the excellent absorption of high concentration essences by eye skin. Remover Dark Dircles, Anti Age,Bag Eye, Wrinkle Patches Your skin can enjoy deeply nourishing and intensive care. [Golden]: Golden anti-wrinkle eye mask, reduce fine lines and improve dark circles [Green]: Seaweed moisturizing eye mask, which can repair dry skin and deeply moisturize the eye skin Specifications: Product Name: Eye Mask Specification: 80g (60 stickers) Restricted date: see product packaging label Product efficacy: moisturizing, tightening eye contours, improving eye lines, etc. Applicable people: People who stay up all night and work overtime for a long time and use the computer to make the eye skin dry and dehydrated, fine lines appear, and eye bags are suddenly old Advantage 1 : moisturizing Advantage 2 : tightening eye contours Advantage 3 : improving eye lines Package Included: 1*Eye Mask(60pcs)


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