Anti-ageing Gold Foil

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Newest 100ML Gold Essence Anti Wrinkle Ageing Face Collagen Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Nicotinamide Liquid Moisturizing Essence Oil Face Lip Make Up Anti-ageing Gold Foil Serums
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Natural ingredients are mild and harmless without irritation. gold essence can promote metabolism, brighten skin and delay senility by smoothing wrinkles, which can also offer moisturizing essence to hydrate your skin for its stickiness, creating excellent makeup effect. Perfect for hydrating lips before applying lipstick and brightening face without affecting the finish, especially when using liquid and matte lipsticks. Can be mixed with mascara, contour, highlight and other dried cream products to maintain moist. Suitable for most skin types. Notes: 1# Size:15ml 2# Size:50ml 3# Size:100ml 1. Pleas shake before use to disperse the gold evenly. 2. It is suggested to mix with your foundation or Lipstick to keep your skin or lip hydrated and glowing. Packing List: 1 * essence




100ML, 15ML, 50ML


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